Temple of Prasat Bei was built in the beginning of 10th century. Prasat Bei temple also was believed to build by king Isanavarman II (923-924). This temple designed with three brick towers, all three towers are standing in row on a single sandstone platform. Three brick towers are represented to Trinity Hindu Gods. Those Trinity include Shiva who dedicated to the shrine located in the middle one, Brahma dedicated to the south, while Vishnu dedicated to the northern tower.

Prasat Bei has a meaning in Cambodian as "Castle with Three Tower". Prasat
Bei temple was designed in the typical Khmer architectural style of the 6th to
10th century, for its real door facing to the east, and three other are in blind ones.

Prasat Bei temple had not finished 100%, the reason is because the king who built had died. As we know that king Isanavarman II had ruled country only 2 years, since succeeding from his brother king Hurshavarman I. Even it was not completed but its lintels has very good carving, which depicting Indra god of rain and king of paraside riding on elephant Aravata. An addition, in each chamber of these brick shrine had installed Linga and Yoni as well.

Even it is small, but Prasat Bei is interesting to walk by, because its location is in the overgreen grass field and also on the mouth of Angkor Thom moat. Visiting Prasat Bei should include Baksei Chamkrong and Prasat Thmar Bay Kaek.

There is a statue of linga, and beautiful carving of its balusters and its lintel at a shrine, which many people think it serves as an entrance of Prasat Bei.

A monument built of brick located near the South Gate of Angkor Thom was known as Prasat Thmar Bay Kaek. This temple designed of two brick shrines. The big one was for honor of God Shiva that his mount Nandin was still lying down on the ground. The small one located to the north was dedicated to his wife Uma, her torso still remained in the shrine.

Thmar Bay Kaek restored before 1970 by French, but it had never finished Because the war had been broken off. During, the restoration, they also had found the magnificent three golden turtle statues at the foundation of Shiva's shrine.

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