Temple of Baksei Chamkrong was built in around 920 at 10th century AD. Baksei Chamkrong temple was also built by king Husharvarman I (910-923). But later on, in 947 king Rajendravarman II who returned to Angkor from Koh Ker had installed a golden Linga in the central chamber of this temple and also he left a very important inscription on the temple's door piers. The inscription is explaining us the name of the country "Kambujadesa", and a legend of the connection names between hermit Kambu married to Mera beautiful princess from heaven. Both of them given birth to Khmer people. Thus, the word Khmer or Khemara which Cambodian people called for their language and their race are coming from Kambu + Mera. Kampuchea which Cambodian called for the name of their country is coming from Kambujadesa, meaning for those who born from the sage Kampu or Kambu. Kampuchea is becoming Cambodia for English speaking. If country named Cambodia its people must be Cambodian for mother tongue English speaking.

Baksei Chamkromg was a small Hindu temple, constructed to honor of Shiva (Detroyer), which located on the foot of Phnom Bakheng. Baksei Chamkrong has meaning in Cambodian as "Bird spread its wings to shelter a baby". The meaning of temple's name is also the name a of very famous fable for the local people at the present day.

Baksei Chamkrong temple had its only entrance from the east side. But so far, the Gopura structure is ,remaining foundation, and sandstone pedestal and one lion statue only. Its enclosing wall built of brick, it's almost gone remaining just some traces. Between its entrance to its temple structure, nowasday there is a deep hole, this hole was digging by treasure hunters during decade '80 for finding gold of Khmer Rouge soldiers, but found nothing.

Baksei Chamkrong has a measurement of 27m X 27m, and occupation it hight of 23m. Its base designed with four levels built of laterite, its tower built of brick. As it was a typical Khmer architectural style, Baksei Chamkrong has only real door face to the east and surrounding by three fake doors. The carving on the fake doors and lintels are still excellent shape. There is staircase one on each side, but the staircase on the south is best condition to going up and down.

In the chamber of its central tower there is a reclining Buddha statue dated at 16th century. Buddha came to instead of golden Linga, which the bandits had removing away for a long long time ago.

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