Preah Vihear City

THE CITY OF KOH KER "CHOK GARGYAR" 921-944 In 921, “This Sri Jayavaraman, victorious” “having no alternative supporter in his race than himself,” was wrongdoer, World Health Organization quickly conquered and left Yasodharapura (Angkor) than abandoned it or was driven out and established his capital here, he appears to possess deposited the devaraja.
He has declared that “He donates with devotion to the supreme Lord of the Threefold World (Tribhuvanesvara) everything within the essence of royalty.” There is no doubt that it was proclaimed as Kamrateng jagot ta raja.
The divinity was drawn by a massive linga raised on a pyramid straightaway behind Prasat Thom.

An inscription says Jayavaraman IV “Founded by his own power, a city which was the seat of the prosperities of the universe.” This city called also Lingapura was located what is now a barren, about one hundred kilometers north and a little east of Angkor. King Jayavaraman IV died in 941 and received the posthumous name of Paramesvarapada.
The monuments of Chok Gargyar may be considered in three groups. (1) The Rohal, or artificial lake, Prasat Thom, with its wrongfully called the “Prang” and the ruins of the walled capital, (2) a row or rows of the tower to the east of the Rohal and bound thereto, and (3) Several towers along the road running approximately south from the south end of the Rohal and oriented regularly.

The whole region occupies a locality concerning 5x7 kilometers, bound nor'-nor'-west and sou'-sou'-east.

Royal degree NS/RKT/0504/070 dated 05 Jay, 2004 establishes a protected cultural zone in Koh Ker Region and Guidelines for their management.

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