Explore Tonle Sap Lake of Fishing Community


Explore the remote attractions to Tonle Sap Lake and countryside tours, visit a floating-stilted village of the fishing community on the largest lake in Southeast Asia.


Tonle Sap lake tours, visit the villages remote Cambodia lifestyle on the water of floating-stilted-village and fishing community, floating village Kleang or Kampong Phluk on the season, it is the unique sightseeing and countryside tour.

We usually do the private tours that follow the cluster tour itinerary.
They tend to depart earlier within the morning however the time of departure is up to the guest. To participate in this tour was ask for a $70 for the tour if you are alone. These private tours will accommodate up to (3-4) guests. Ee, ask for 35 USD.
We have additionally developed some distinctive private tours and you'll realize 3 examples below that we've got exhausted the past with guests.
Feel free to combine and match or send the people a number of your thoughts, therefore, we are able to produce the right itinerary for you and your cluster.
We are terribly receptive to totally different ideas and are perpetually developing the tours, therefore, please don't hesitate to send queries or requests.



- Gasoline, Toll, Parking fee.

- Passenger insurance included


Travel insurance, Hotels, Meals, Personal expenses


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Explore Tonle Sap Lake of Fishing Community - kampong-phluk-tour.jpg
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