Kulen Waterfall Park Tour


Visit most popular Phnom Kulen National Park tours Phnom Kulen waterfall Park and officially known as Preah Cheyvaraman-Norodom Phnom Kulen National Park is a National park in Siem Reap the Phnom Kulen mountain massif in Siem Reap, Province, Cambodia.


Named Phnom Kulen (the meaning mountain of Lychee), it has major historical significance for the country and its people. The area first rose to prominence during the reign of Jayavarman II. He gave the area's name Mahendraparvata and made it his home and the capital city of his empire.
The site was expanded upon by Udayadityavarman II, The agency splendidly created a thousand Lingas in Kulen's watercourse. By this time it was a metropolis of temples, residences, and state of the art infrastructure. In fact, at its peaks, it was the size of modern-day Phnom Kulen and in formerly dated his reign as running from 802 AD to 835 AD. one of the largest city in the world. It would later be eclipsed by Angkor, which relied on Kulen's water infrastructure to develop, and became the most significant religious site when finally completed in the 12th century.

- Recommend to visit.

1- First to River of One Thousand Ling

2- Second reclining Buddha  at the peak of the mountain

3rd- Enjoy the secret waterfall

- Return to hotel.

Kulen Waterfall Park Tour - phnom-kulen-water-fall-tour.jpg
Kulen Waterfall Park Tour - reclining-buddha-kulen-mountain.jpg
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