Sambor Prek Kuk - Kampong Svay - Preah Vihear - Koh Ker Tours


Explore Cambodia Adventure attractions cities to unseen temples group to Sambor Prek Kuk - solid Kampong Svay temple - Hilptop Preah Vihear - lost city of Koh Ker - vegetations of Bengmelea.


Day1- Siem Reap to Kampong Thom and Sightseeing.
Pick up 8:00 AM at Siem Reap hotel to drive Kampong Kampong Kleang community the stilted, floating villages on the Tonle Sap Lake in southeast Asia, worth visit worth to visit both seasons, in dry from March to June is driveable to the villages of stilted community, and monsoon time from August to January, it can be reached by boat to explore the village, its self, next return to main road #6  stop take photo of most interesting ancient of Kampong Dkei, drive to resting area at Pre Bros to have lunch, next continue world heritage site of Sambor Prei Kuk group temples, it was the state of the Khmer Empire during the Chenla period, we may spend  at sites 2 hours at this rainforest jungle lost capital in Kampong Thom and overnight in Kampong city. Please book the hotel on your own or we can recommend,
Day2- Explore unseen Preah Khan Kampong Svay to Preah Vihear.
Start from the hotel centrally of Kampong Thom city heading to solid temple of Preah Khan Kampong Svay temple (Bakhan), it is the lonely Buddhism temple in the jungle.  It was royal residence during the kingdom of Suryavarman II and even Jayavarman VII lived here, before recapturing the capital city of Yasodharapura from invading Chams in years of 1181.
The archeological complex of Prasat Bakan "Bakan Svay Rolay " is located 100 km east of Angkor and Beng Meng Melea, Northwest of Sambor Prek Kuk, located in Preah Vihear province, next make the journey pass remote village and town of Tbaeng Meanchey Preah Vihear province and stay  overnight at Sra Em Village, Sra Em Commune, Chaom Ksan District, it is near to the temple of Preah Vihear. Please book the hotel on your own.

Day3- Explore Hiltop Preah Vihear - Koh Ker - Beng Melea
Explore the amazing Preah Vihear temple is an ancient Hindu temple built during the period of the Khmer Empire, that is situated atop a 525-meter cliff on the Dangrek Mountains, next lost city of Koh Ker such Prasat Pram which overrun by nature, next Prasat Neang Khmoav, 7tier-pyramid temple Prasat Thom the highest and largest of Koh Ker Group, next Ling group temples, Next vegetation temple Beng Melea same hand of who founded Angkor Wat after finish this incredible ruin return to Siem Reap city to Hotel



- Gasoline, Toll, Parking fee

- Passenger insurance in vehicles.


- Travel insurance, Hotels, Meals

- Tickets/ Entrance, boat trip, Personal expense


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Sambor Prek Kuk - Kampong Svay - Preah Vihear - Koh Ker Tours - floating-village-tonlesap-lake(2).jpg
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